Data Cabling Solutions
Not only do we provide a solution to the problems of the past and present, we prepare for future requirements.  Technology improves year on year so we
make it our aim to implement a strategy that makes updating facilities cost effective and minimally disruptive.  

Wireless network extensions and laptop hot spots are options we offer to help your company best suit its needs with wireless media and clients
becoming evermore important to business.  

Our engineers can carry out on site visits to provide sound knowledge coupled with a grasp of business requirements to produce recommendations on
the best way to improve your organisations IT and communications network along with the best solution for cabinets & containment to house your
network. With our numerous abilities we can provide you with a consolidated supplier solution with a guarantee of quality.

We also offer professional installation of conference suites and board rooms with options available on projection screen, white board and plasma screen
systems running from various media sources.  Our experienced engineers are trained in A/V installation with backgrounds in home cinema and custom
home installation which enables Groom Electrical Data Network Solutions to provide professional A/V & Multi-room solutions using the latest technology.

For your data cabling need please
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Groom Electrical Data Network Solutions is a data communications company dealing with the installation of Structured Cabling systems and Fibre Optic
network requirements along with offering Full Office Solutions for your electrical and telephony needs.  

We specialise in helping our clients satisfy their needs and meet their technological objectives by listening to their requests and then matching them to
one or more of our many products and services.
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